During my undergrad, I worked on online algorithms. Recently, I have a growing interest in computational problems arising from the field of economics.


(Unless stated otherwise, authors are sorted in alphabetical order.)

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Algorithmic Information Disclosure in Optimal Auctions
  Yang Cai, Yingkai Li, Jinzhao Wu
  Working paper
Simultaneous Auctions are Approximately Revenue-Optimal for Subadditive Bidders
  Yang Cai, Ziyun Chen, Jinzhao Wu
  FOCS 2023 [arxiv] [video incoming]
On the Optimal Fixed-Price Mechanism in Bilateral Trade
  Yang Cai, Jinzhao Wu
  STOC 2023 [video] [conf version] [arxiv]
(Fractional) Online Stochastic Matching via Fine-grained Offline Statistics
  Zhihao Gavin Tang, Jinzhao Wu, Hongxun Wu
  STOC 2022 [conf version] [arxiv]
Eliciting Thinking Hierarchy without a Prior
  Yuqing Kong, Yunqi Li, Yubo Zhang, Zhihuan Huang, Jinzhao Wu (by contribution)
  NeurIPS 2022 [conf version] [arxiv]
Oblivious Online Contention Resolution Schemes
  Hu Fu, Pinyan Lu, Zhihao Gavin Tang, Abner Turkieltaub, Hongxun Wu, Jinzhao Wu, Qianfan Zhang
  SOSA 2022 [conf version] [arxiv]
Random order vertex arrival contention resolution schemes for matching, with applications
  Hu Fu, Zhihao Gavin Tang, Hongxun Wu, Jinzhao Wu, Qianfan Zhang
  ICALP 2021 [conf version]